Glass Lifter Self Propelled – Smart Lift 1000kg

The Smart Lift SL 1008 Outdoor is our most advanced lift. It combines maximum lifting power and reach. Large window sections are easily and precisely handled using the multifunctional, rotary yoke. This is perfect machine for installing glass panels and other non porous surfaces up to 1000kg.

The wireless remote controls all functions and offers freedom of movement for the operator. A display gives the operator full overview of battery status, vacuum level and actual load strain. The lift has a proportional hydraulic system that enables the operator to control the arm extremely precisely so that small adjustments of the controls trigger small movements of the yoke and arm. The unit is fitted with a side shift feature, rotate function 180˚ and a tilt function. With its light mass, it is suitable for all floor types

The SL 1008 Outdoor is fitted with wide twin tyres to prevent the machine from getting bogged down. The lift is front-wheel driven and fitted with wide tyres to ensure unique stability when driving with a full load.

Using the Winlet 575 will help reduce labour costs on site or any injuries related to lifting. This machine, combined with our experienced operator will ensure your job is done right the first time.


Collapsed Height1700 mm
Machine Width (Outriggers folded in)1020 mm
Stowed Length (Handle straight)3300 mm
Stowed Length (Handle folded 90 degrees)2860 mm
Mass1300 kg
Load capcity1000 kg
Refer to manufacturer specifications provided for more details