Operators & Labour

Need a trained and certified operator to go with your hire? We have a network of experienced crane crew and glaziers available. Our staff are highly trained with over a decade of experience in the industry. Our staff follow strict guide lines and OH&S policies, including site rules set out on your project.

We carry out our tasks safely while maintaining correct use of PPE during these processes. Your safety and our safety is number one priority when completing a task. SWMS are completed for each task on site with clear communication between our crew and your company, ensuring that all basis are covered.

All of our staff are multi skilled and licenced, helping to complete many tasks when needed on site. Our crew have different combinations of the following licences

  • C2 & C6 (Crane Slewing)
  • CN (Crane Non Slewing)
  • DG (Dogging)
  • EWP (Elevated Work Platform)
  • HP (Personnel & Materials Hoist)
  • LF (Forklift)
  • RB & RI (Rigging Basic & Intermediate)
  • SB (Scaffolding Basic)
  • Vacuum Glass Lifter Ticket
  • WP (Boom Lift)