Glass Lifter 12v 1400kg Spider – Remote Controlled

This Oktopus 1400kg remote controlled glass lifter is at the top of its class with its state of the art technology and functions. Featuring a dual vacuum system for added safety, it has the functions of full 360° electronic rotation and 90° hydraulic tilt. These features along with its remote control function, adds extra safety with large panels as the operator will not have the need to do any manual work to adjust the panel. Also with its remote control functions, it can be used for installing glass where you might not have enough access for someone to be on the outside to disconnect the glass lifter from the panel. This glass lifter combined with our experienced operator will ensure your job is done right the first time.


Lifting Arm Length1160 mm
Width1890 mm
Length3200 mm
Mass250 kg
Load capacity1400 kg
Refer to manufacturer specifications provided for more details