Glass Lifter 24v Manipulator 1200kg

This Oktopus Manipulator is the perfect addition to our fleet of Maeda crawler cranes. These two machines paired together are the ideal match for those hard to get to, glass installation jobs. With a ±40° swivel function, 120° hydraulic tilt and the endless 360° rotate, there is no angle of glass that will be a challenge for this machine. Remote controlled with dual vacuum circuit and dual vacuum release, the safety of this machine is second to none. With a maximum SWL limit of 1200kg, varied depending on which crane it is paired with and which working radius, it will cover almost every glass size. This manipulator, combined with our cranes and our experienced operators, will ensure your job is done right the first time.


Height1200 mm
Width1530 mm
Length2410 mm
Mass240 kg
Load capacity1200 kg
Refer to manufacturer specifications provided for more details