Crawler Crane Maeda MC 405CRME (3 Phase Electric)

The Maeda MC 405CRME is a compact mini crawler crane, which has outriggers, hence the reason why it is also known as a spider crane. When packed up, it is only 1380 mm wide making it suitable to fit through narrow access areas. Both Diesel or 3 Phase powered,and weighing in at 5750 kg, it has a maximum lift capacity of 3830 kg at a 2.7 meter working radius. It’s 3 phase power option is great for working indoors or in confined spaces, as there are no emissions. This crane has a maximum lifting height of 16.80 meters and a maximum working radius of 16.00 meters. This crane also has a pick and carry feature up to 500 kg. This crane, combined with our experienced operator will ensure your job is done right the first time


Height1980 mm
Width1380 mm
Length4980 mm
Mass5750 kg
Load capcity3830 kg
Refer to manufacturer specifications provided for more details